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New job, new commute. Guess who!

I get 10 ‘Buzzes’ Creating an Illustration!

  I was inspired to post this after hav­ing received an email from an Art Dir­ector about my latest illus­tra­tion. The email read: ‘Great illus­tra­tion Miko!’ What a Buzz! That’s Buzz #8. Here’s the whole list: Buzz 1: Get­ting the phone call for the … Con­tinue read­ing

I am so happy we are linked peeps

You ‘Lovely Linkedin Linker’ Peeps

I was just about to just click the auto thanks reply to those lovely Peeps, when I was inter­rup­ted by a herd of Gnu crash­ing through the stu­dio. On their way, I guess, to greener pas­tures. Mind you that’s the … Con­tinue read­ing

The Contented Scarecrow Concerto

Any Birthdays coming up, or a bare wall that would benefit from a smile?

Well, just click around the corner and you can take a stroll around Miko’s gal­ler­ies and buy his wall art and greet­ings cards. Miko-Greetings.com It’s worth the walk.

poor reforestation

I’ve been working on some new styles. Which do you prefer?

Any­one who knows me knows I love to exper­i­ment. For me try­ing new things is very much a part of my cre­at­ive life. Learn­ing some­thing new, try­ing and test­ing is pro­gress.     I don’t stand still for long. Is that good … Con­tinue read­ing

Rory's new garden, well half of it's done. Well done Rory Mackenzie, a step at a time achieves a lot.

Just take it one step at a time. Sensible advice for all of us.

No rush! No panic! Do what you can, sit back and enjoy and when you are ready, do a little bit more. Rory Mack­en­zies’ advice for garden­ers, dis­abled or not, makes a lot of sense.

One Unique Father Christ­mas and his Pen­guin Helpers, of course.

A Selection from the ‘Lifestyle’ Archive

I always enjoy the del­ic­ate chal­lenge of illus­trat­ing Rory Mackenzie’s art­icles for Life­style magazine. It is extremely dif­fi­cult to illus­trate top­ics about the dif­fer­ently abled without being offens­ive or pat­ron­ising. Well, thank good­ness, Life­style keeps on ask­ing for more… and … Con­tinue read­ing

Rory Mackenzie's article suggests getting out and about and learning something new.

I take my humourous illustrations as seriously as I do my serious illustrations

It’s very odd,creating an idea and an image which make people laugh, is actu­ally taken very ser­i­ously. Not a smile comes to my little face, while I’m work­ing on what will make my audi­ence smile. This is one of my vari­ous … Con­tinue read­ing

' Ah, good morning Mrs Mactrusty!  I won't keep you long, I'm just adjusting Mrs Macgrumpy's drawers.'

Get to know your audience.….

When you work with a magazine for a while you get to know what illus­tra­tion con­tent will be accept­able to the editor, art dir­ector and read­ers. In other words you get to know your audi­ence. So Rory Mackenzie’s art­icle is … Con­tinue read­ing

See, it doesn't fit!

I had to make a comment in support of Freedom of the Press and of Speech!

Wed­nes­day 7th Janu­ary 2015 was a shock­ing day for Paris and Free­dom of the Press. This is my con­tri­bu­tion in sup­port.

Wishing you Guys and Guyesses a Magical Christmas and Fun and Funny New Year

For all you lovely peeps out there, all those I know and all those peeps I hope to know. Love and Peace to you, your fam­il­ies, your friends and your neigh­bours.

Miko the Artist

Two new illustrations, I’m pleased with. What do you think?

These 2 illus­tra­tions are of, yours truly, ‘Moi!’ Miko and my elder son, Toby, the pho­to­grapher. I cre­ated them for our ‘About Us’ page on the brand new Miko greet­ings card and art print site.       Feel free to be … Con­tinue read­ing

Chris Packham and I go back a long way!

Chris Packham and I go back a long way

Sort­ing through some old work, I happened upon this ‘real­istic owl illus­tra­tion’ I cre­ated  for the Asda Nature Watch magazine. I didn’t real­ise that our Spring­watch friend Chris Pack­ham was present­ing nature pro­grammes back in the day. I will, how­ever, always remem­ber the … Con­tinue read­ing