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I am so happy we are linked peeps

You ‘Lovely Linkedin Linker’ Peeps

I was just about to just click the auto thanks reply to those lovely Peeps, when I was interrupted by a herd of Gnu crashing through the studio. On their way, I guess, to greener pastures. Mind you that’s the … Continue reading

The Contented Scarecrow Concerto

Any Birthdays coming up, or a bare wall that would benefit from a smile?

Well, just click around the corner and you can take a stroll around Miko’s galleries and buy his wall art and greetings cards. Miko-Greetings.com It’s worth the walk.

poor reforestation

Rory's new garden, well half of it's done. Well done Rory Mackenzie, a step at a time achieves a lot.

Just take it one step at a time. Sensible advice for all of us.

No rush! No panic! Do what you can, sit back and enjoy and when you are ready, do a little bit more. Rory Mackenzies’ advice for gardeners, disabled or not, makes a lot of sense.

One Unique Father Christ­mas and his Pen­guin Helpers, of course.

Rory Mackenzie's article suggests getting out and about and learning something new.

I take my humourous illustrations as seriously as I do my serious illustrations

It’s very odd,creating an idea and an image which make people laugh, is actually taken very seriously. Not a smile comes to my little face, while I’m working on what will make my audience smile. This is one of my … Continue reading

' Ah, good morning Mrs Mactrusty!  I won't keep you long, I'm just adjusting Mrs Macgrumpy's drawers.'

Get to know your audience…..

When you work with a magazine for a while you get to know what illustration content will be acceptable to the editor, art director and readers. In other words you get to know your audience. So Rory Mackenzie’s article is … Continue reading

See, it doesn't fit!

I had to make a comment in support of Freedom of the Press and of Speech!

Wednesday 7th January 2015 was a shocking day for Paris and Freedom of the Press. This is my contribution in support.

Wishing you Guys and Guyesses a Magical Christmas and Fun and Funny New Year

For all you lovely peeps out there, all those I know and all those peeps I hope to know. Love and Peace to you, your families, your friends and your neighbours.

Miko the Artist

Two new illustrations, I’m pleased with. What do you think?

These 2 illustrations are of, yours truly, ‘Moi!’ Miko and my elder son, Toby, the photographer. I created them for our ‘About Us’ page on the brand new Miko greetings card and art print site.       Feel free to … Continue reading

Chris Packham and I go back a long way!

Chris Packham and I go back a long way

Sorting through some old work, I happened upon this ‘realistic owl illustration’ I created  for the Asda Nature Watch magazine. I didn’t realise that our Springwatch friend Chris Packham was presenting nature programmes back in the day. I will, however, always remember … Continue reading

Well, similar but a different color!

I Bring Great News, My Fine Feathered Friends

My youngest daughter Zoe, with a little help from Alex, has given us and the rest of the world to share, one of these: Click on Hugo to enlarge Allow me to introduce Hugo, born on the 1st of November … Continue reading