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Need a car­toon or humor­ous illus­tra­tion for your pub­lic­a­tion or product line? Get in touch! Miko will cre­ate the per­fect image for your needs.

Or why not license one of Miko's mem­or­able, humor­ous char­ac­ter con­cepts for your latest product or cam­paign?

Car­toon­ist, cari­ca­tur­ist, illus­trat­or Mik Brown, a.k.a. Miko, has been trus­ted as an exper­i­enced pro­fes­sion­al cre­at­ive for many a moon – his work is used by the world's lead­ing media.

Check out our gal­ler­ies for styles ran­ging from soph­ist­ic­ated to slap stick, from the warmest of smiles to the loudest guf­faw!

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