Charlie Chaplin...

…I won­der what he was like to work with. Pretty much a per­fec­tion­ist I guess, and there­fore per­haps not a happy atmo­sphere in the stu­dio?

Four mar­riages, that's enough to put one in a bad mood and elev­en chil­dren and thats enough to stifle the bad mood and put a smile on his face.

Born in Wal­worth not far from here and he would have shopped for a bar­gain in East Street Mar­ket, opened in 1880 and still thriv­ing.

Won­der­ful that his work still makes people the world over laugh.….

.…and as Charlie Chap­lin said 'A day without laughter is a day wasted'

Charlie Chaplin caricature

Charlie Chap­lin cari­ca­ture

With respect and grat­it­ude

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