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Inform­a­tion about art licens­ing policies and oth­er related prac­tic­al­it­ies

List of Greetings Card Publishers from Kate Harper Design

Hi Folks. Well, Kate Harp­er has done it again… Keep­ing us pos­ted with her latest greet­ings card updates. This time its an update on who to sub­mit our work to. Back in 2009 she pos­ted a list of greet­ings card pub­lish­ers … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Mikoblogo is now our new Artworks Licensing Blog

Hi all. Well after too many moons spent naff­ing around with a new blog, we have decided to use our cur­rent Mikob­logo as our new Art­works Licens­ing Blog.  Why com­plic­ate life? So, we'll be cre­at­ing gal­ler­ies full of images and ideas avail­able for … Con­tin­ue read­ing