First it was 'Space Critters!' and now it's a Baby Alien!

You may remem­ber the sur­prise I had one recent morn­ing, when I awoke to find a chat­ter­ing (whatever the col­lect­ive noun is!) of Space Crit­ters on my draw­ing board. Well it's happened again!!

I am work­ing on a cute baby fun char­ac­ter concept. I drew up this cute baby yes­ter­day.

A great little cheeky baby boy or girl.

A great little cheeky baby boy or girl.


I had fin­ished the little baby off in Pho­toshop, saved it and left it on my screen. To add a back­ground of some kind and may be a toy or two. Basic­ally cre­at­ing a char­ac­ter for licens­ing.

So arising the fol­low­ing morn­ing I took my morn­ing cof­fee in to stu­dio. Switched on my

faith­ful Mac Pro., only to find this on the screen!!!!!



Shock hor­ror!! It's hap­pen­ing again! My cute, cheeky little, fun baby, had turned into a cheeky little, fun Ali­en Baby!!

Well it is to my advant­age I guess. Now I have two char­ac­ters to license out rather than just one.

I now can­not decide though, so which one do you prefer?

PS: The child in me likes to click on the first baby and click the arrows back and forth to watch the baby turn into a green ali­en and back over and over again. Try it. Long live the child in me!!

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2 Responses to First it was 'Space Critters!' and now it's a Baby Alien!

  1. webhelp says:

    Per­son­ally, I'm par­tial to cute little ali­ens, but the baby human is gig­g­li­cious too!

  2. Toby brown says:

    Fant­ast­ic, love their eyes! So full of won­der and inno­cence. I like the nor­mal baby best.
    Keep it up!