Two new illustrations, I'm pleased with. What do you think?

These 2 illus­tra­tions are of, yours truly, 'Moi!' Miko and my eld­er son, Toby, the pho­to­graph­er. I cre­ated them for our 'About Us' page on the brand new Miko greet­ings card and art print site.

Miko the Artist

Miko the Artist

Toby the Photographer

Toby the Pho­to­graph­er




Feel free to be one of the first to take a look and com­ment. Also please feel free to make any pur­chases. The trade shop­ping area is still under­go­ing cru­cial final test­ing. We wouldn't want you to be dis­ap­poin­ted, per­fec­tion is the only way to go.

So Splosh the Dosh!

Miko art working on layers

Miko art work­ing on lay­ers

 Sketchbook Pro working pencil sketch of Miko

Sketch­book Pro work­ing pen­cil sketch of Miko

I used sketch­book pro., It's just bril­liant using with my Wacom tab­let for a classy, rough pen­cil sketch. I impor­ted that into Pho­toshop CC 14 and col­oured up on lay­ers. Nice and quick and a very pleas­ing res­ult.

 It's a style that could sup­port any edit­or­i­al or advert­ising cam­paign.

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