Dulwich Books has done it again!!

Gosh they are good!!

I just love West Dulwich Books and The Indie Ebook Shop

I just love West Dul­wich Books and The Indie Ebook Shop

I was cre­at­ing my socks off on yet anoth­er image of geni­us for anoth­er lucky cli­ent, when.….KERPLONK and P'CHING! My com­puter was alert­ing me to the arrival of an email. You would think that noise would get on my nerves. I'm not daft, my ears are full of cot­ton wool, as is the thing that sits between them.

The email was from The Indie Ebook Shop inform­ing me that Sheila O'Reilly, lovely lady and pro­pri­et­or of  Dul­wich Books  , had sent me an ebook 'The Book­shop' by Penelope Fitzger­ald.

Moments later it's down­loaded and ready to be moved to my iPad!

Yum! Yum! Thank you Sheila, I'm look­ing for­ward to get­ting my spec­tacles around that.

But first, back to the draw­ing board, geni­us stops for no one!!





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