Gallery SIX - a zoo of colourful characters and lettering

Welcome to Gallery SIX and a zoo of colourful, fun characters, animals, birds, monsters, whatsits, what ever whatsits are ??! All created to fit in and around a great celebratory text.

These par­tic­u­lar images are already licensed out. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST!! The design concept has huge poten­tial, espe­cially cre­at­ing the right text and ori­gin­at­ing the right char­ac­ters for your cus­tom­ers. Just tell us what you want, sit back and leave it to us.

[Click on any thumb­nail image to view it at the lar­ger size.
Click on the enlarged image to move the slideshow to the next image.]

Con­tact us and lets talk about what we can do for you. You'll be under no oblig­a­tion and we will cre­ate a range your cus­tom­ers will pos­it­ively love.

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3 Responses to Gallery SIX - a zoo of colourful characters and lettering

  1. toby brown says:

    won­der­ful images- sadly i dont speak splur­gen

  2. toby brown says:

    …or do i..?!

  3. Miko says:

    splurg plur pl ur glup?