Gallery FIVE - Porky Sports!

Porky Sports. How about a selection of cartoon pigs playing sports? A great theme for 2012 the year of the Olympics.

What hap­pens when pigs attempt to run the 100 meters, play ten­nis or con­fuse javelin and arch­ery? The Porky Sports Series depicts great car­toon pigs encoun­ter­ing hil­ari­ous dis­asters, when try­ing to be ath­let­ic. You'll laugh out loud at the mis­haps of our car­toon pigs as they do high jumps and high dives and engage in all kinds of Porky Sports. Bring this hil­ar­ity to your cus­tom­ers by licens­ing the series for a great range of greet­ings cards.

How? Just get in touch and lets talk. There is abso­lutely no oblig­a­tion.

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2 Responses to Gallery FIVE - Porky Sports!

  1. toby brown says:

    ha ha- fant­ast­ic- you should aim for the next olympics with these

    • Miko says:

      I was keen on these and too late a licens­ing said they liked them, but I think they'd have had the same prob­lem with the Olympic rules! No play­ing around with logo or name!! May be I should try the para­lympics next time 'The Limp Pigs!'