Gallery Three and a Half Changed

Just thought I would change Gallery Three and a Half.

I wasn't espe­cially keen on it and it didn't exactly give you much of an option to license the images.

I guess I just wanted to put up a few images I was work­ing on, to give you some inspir­a­tion should you want any bespoke Greet­ings Card designs.

So I've put up anoth­er cat for your enjoy­ment

Cool cat hanging by its tail with a glass of white wine

In the mean­time, I'll be get­ting on with upload­ing the latest Mikob­logo Greet­ings Card range.

This time they are cute, heart warm­ing mes­sages to that spe­cial one you love.

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2 Responses to Gallery Three and a Half Changed

  1. daniel says:

    What a cre­at­ive cat!