All Singing, Talking, Blinking, Winking, Swinging Characters

A won­der­fully enter­tain­ing ori­gin­al greet­ings card concept from Triggered Emo­tions. Open your greet­ing card and the char­ac­ter talks and sings. OK, noth­ing new about that. But these char­ac­ters, by the clev­er use of LEDs, blink and open and close their mouths to the song.

Triggered Emo­tions asked me to come up with a few char­ac­ters, to go with the tunes 'La Bamba', 'Simply the Best', 'I am so excited' and 'Happy Birth­day'. What a great pro­ject, I love exper­i­ment­ing with my work. What do you think of my char­ac­ter cre­ations?

Even bet­ter if you can see the end res­ults in the greet­ings cards them­selves. Triggered Emo­tions do their own record­ings and have some really fun and funny voices. The com­bin­a­tion is hil­ari­ous. Hope­fully these stat­ic images will give you an idea.

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As always, I do appre­ci­ate your thoughts on my cre­at­ive work. So any con­tri­bu­tions are very wel­come.

If you are in need some ori­gin­al cre­at­ive work from the pen of Miko, just use the con­tact form and let's have a chat. Or just a quick reply below. It's sur­pris­ingly easy and fast.

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