Gallery EIGHT- Famous Painters and their Paintings as seen by Miko

Wel­come to a new funny series of arty cre­ations from the col­our­ful pen and off the wall ima­gin­ings of Miko.

This is only the start, there are many more well known paint­ings to use and abuse. In a fun and respect­ful way, of course.

Not only will card shops be inter­ested in these taste­ful, humor­ous cre­ations but they open oth­er great selling oppor­tun­it­ies.  In the gal­lery shops of the many museums and art gal­ler­ies in your area for example.

Enough talk. Here are the first few for your delight and delect­a­tion:

[Click on the first thumb­nail pic­ture to view the lar­ger ver­sions as a slideshow.]

They also lend them­selves to oth­er products. Great T-shirts for example, mugs, framed posters, et al.

Let us know what you want, we can dis­cuss your licens­ing needs and they'll be on your product list in a flash or two.

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2 Responses to Gallery EIGHT- Famous Painters and their Paintings as seen by Miko

  1. chaz says:

    how many designs in the fam­ous paint­er range?
    chaz x

  2. Miko says:

    Hi Chaz

    So far there are 6 in the range. We are going to get these and some oth­er prin­ted up hope­fully next month.
    Sorry about this site. I have trans­ferred to anoth­er serv­er and it has cre­ated a few issues with a few pages and links.
    If you find any, could you et me know?
    Whats your web site Chaz, Ive for­got­ten.