Mikoblogo is now our new Artworks Licensing Blog

Hi all. Well after too many moons spent naff­ing around with a new blog, we have decided to use our cur­rent Mikob­logo as our new Art­works Licens­ing Blog. 

Why com­plic­ate life?

The Bidding War for One of Miko's Priceless Artworks

So, we'll be cre­at­ing gal­ler­ies full of images and ideas avail­able for you to license for your product. We have gen­er­ally cre­ated with Greet­ings Cards in mind, but if you have oth­er ideas, we are more than happy to accom­mod­ate.

We're happy for you  to use the images and spread the word, BUT purely for your own use, totally nev­er for repro­duc­tion or fin­an­cial gain and an acknow­ledge­ment and link to our blog must be cre­ated. We work very hard at cre­at­ing our images which needs to be rewar­ded by untold wealth.

The licenses are avail­able for the usu­al world ter­rit­or­ies and fees vary accord­ing to the dur­a­tion.

There are some images which are indi­vidu­al and not obvi­ously part of a par­tic­u­lar theme. If you would like to see a range developed from such an image, feel free to con­tact us and we'll devel­op a full range in giv­en style.

Like wise we will be put­ting up pen­cil roughs of cre­ations to test the water. It would be very help­ful to get your pro­fes­sion­al input. If you feel they are worth work­ing up to a fin­ished image. You only have to ask.

We will be con­tinu­ously adding more images as time goes on, so pop on back if there is noth­ing that takes your fancy at the moment, there will be next time.

Bet­ter still leave us your email and we'll keep you updated without you hav­ing to lift a fin­ger. Why not let us know how you feel about our blog at the same time.

Enjoy and profit!

Anoth­er reas­on for pop­ping back is to check­out the latest 'Deer' anim­a­tions! They are both inform­at­ive (!!!) .……and funny!!

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