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I had to make a comment in support of Freedom of the Press and of Speech!

Wed­nes­day 7th Janu­ary 2015 was a shock­ing day for Par­is and Free­dom of the Press. This is my con­tri­bu­tion in sup­port.

Wishing you Guys and Guyesses a Magical Christmas and Fun and Funny New Year

For all you lovely peeps out there, all those I know and all those peeps I hope to know. Love and Peace to you, your fam­il­ies, your friends and your neigh­bours.

Two new illustrations, I'm pleased with. What do you think?

These 2 illus­tra­tions are of, yours truly, 'Moi!' Miko and my eld­er son, Toby, the pho­to­graph­er. I cre­ated them for our 'About Us' page on the brand new Miko greet­ings card and art print site.       Feel free to be … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Chris Packham and I go back a long way

Sort­ing through some old work, I happened upon this 'real­ist­ic owl illus­tra­tion' I cre­ated  for the Asda Nature Watch magazine. I didn't real­ise that our Spring­watch friend Chris Pack­ham was present­ing nature pro­grammes back in the day. I will, how­ever, always remem­ber the … Con­tin­ue read­ing

I Bring Great News, My Fine Feathered Friends

My young­est daugh­ter Zoe, with a little help from Alex, has giv­en us and the rest of the world to share, one of these: Click on Hugo to enlarge Allow me to intro­duce Hugo, born on the 1st of Novem­ber 2014 … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Charlie Chaplin caricature

Caricatures over the years

I enjoy cre­at­ing cari­ca­tures, depend­ing upon the dead­line of course, because I enjoy detail! On the oth­er hand an instant cari­ca­ture without even a pen­cil rough first as in Alfred Hitch­cock. Enjoy a trip around my Madame Tus­sauds Gal­lery. Some … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Can't Draw? Can Draw!

This post is addressed to Moms and Pops, Grans and Gramps etc etc or any­one who knows of a young eager artist who wants to learn more. Or per­haps a young eager artist with little con­fid­ence in their cre­at­ive achieve­ments. Well looky … Con­tin­ue read­ing

The wild animals you find on your next safari are more sophisticated than you imagine! Read on…

It may be of interest to you peeps, to know how I work on an illus­tra­tion. Of course, if you're not inter­ested you can just view the first, fin­ished image, and then close the slideshow. Click on the thumb­nails to enlarge … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Work in Progress my latest children's book: Wizzy, might just as well be invisible!

This is the story of a great little dog named Wizzy. People were so dis­trac­ted by 'IMPORTANT GROWN UP PEOPLE THINGS' that they took little notice of Wizzy. They would trip over him, nearly sit on him when hav­ing a snooze … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Who ever heard of a steam propelled paraglider?

I have and Life­style magazine and James Young has now!  (Please click on thumb­nail to enjoy the com­plete  full size image) 'It's great thanks, a crack­ing job once again.' Thanks James Young, art dir­ect­or of Big World Wide Pub­lish­ing.

I'm scared of heights! Luckily I'm short!.…

…and luck­ily Rory Mack­en­zie hasn't invited me to join the team "Fly­ing for Her­oes." I feel priv­ileged to cre­ate the illus­tra­tions for Life­style Magazine and Rory Mackenzie's art­icles. (Please click on thumb­nails to enjoy the com­plete gal­lery of  full size images) Don't for­get … Con­tin­ue read­ing

Award winning Dulwich Books

It seems that my favour­ite book­shop, Dul­wich Books, is not only my favour­ite Inde­pend­ent Book­shop, it is also the favour­ite in the whole of the Great Bri­tain and Ire­land. Own­er Sheila O'Reilly and the team, went to the The Book­seller Industry … Con­tin­ue read­ing