Get to know your audience.….

When you work with a magazine for a while you get to know what illus­tra­tion con­tent will be accept­able to the edit­or, art dir­ect­or and read­ers. In oth­er words you get to know your audi­ence.

So Rory Mackenzie’s art­icle is emailed to me and he refers to the admir­a­tion he has for his fath­er. He was a doc­tor in the high­lands of Scot­land and his hobby was restor­ing beau­ti­full old pieces of fur­niture found in loc­al auc­tion houses.

Well, I couldn’t res­ist it, the cap­tion came to my head ’ Ah, good morn­ing Mrs Mact­rusty!  I won’t keep you long I’m just adjust­ing Mrs Macgrumpy’s draw­ers.’

' Ah, good morning Mrs Mactrusty!  I won't keep you long, I'm just adjusting Mrs Macgrumpy's drawers.'

’ Ah, good morn­ing Mrs Mact­rusty! I won’t keep you long, I’m just adjust­ing Mrs Macgrumpy’s draw­ers.’


Not the most soph­ist­ic­ated of jokes, but noth­ing wrong with occa­sion­al ‘Carry on…’ sense of humour.

So, I knew it wouldn’t be pub­lished but I enjoyed exper­i­ment­ing with the illus­tra­tion style and know­ing that Rory and the edit­or­i­al team and hope­fully you out there, would enjoy a giggle.

So the mes­sage is ‘Get to know your audi­ence!’


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