Chris Packham and I go back a long way

Sort­ing through some old work, I happened upon this 'real­ist­ic owl illus­tra­tion' I cre­ated  for the Asda Nature Watch magazine. I didn't real­ise that our Spring­watch friend Chris Pack­ham was present­ing nature pro­grammes back in the day.

Chris Packham and I go back a long way!

Chris Pack­ham and I go back a long way!

I will, how­ever, always remem­ber the bril­liant Terry Nutkin and, for very dif­fer­ent reas­ons Michaela Strachan in the Really Wild Show.

Children's nature pro­grammes are essen­tial view­ing and get us inter­ested and aware of the world around us. For me it was the bril­liant Dav­id Atten­bor­ough , still is for that mat­ter.

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