Check out Gallery One

This is a new range we are work­ing on.…..

New Colourful Flowerful Tuneful Animals. Boydy Thumbnail

New Col­our­ful Flower­ful Tune­ful Anim­als. Boydy Thumb­nail

A range of col­our­ful, flowery anim­als, play­ing a music­al instru­ments!

How happy can that be??

Check them out in Gal­lery One.

These images look good on any­thing; Greet­ings Cards, Mugs, Clothing…you name it.

We will be adding more col­our­ful, happy, anim­als to this col­lec­tion as well as cre­at­ing new ranges, so keep look­ing back.

Bet­ter still let us know your email and we'll do all the work for you. While you are there if you have any com­ments about Mikob­logo let us know. In the kind­est pos­sible terms please!!

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